personal training

Training philosophy

"Wer rastet, der rostet” is a German proverb that means if you rest, you get rusty. The body adapts in positive as well as negative ways to the demands placed upon it. Through goal-oriented stimuli from training, the body can become more flexible, capable of holding out longer and stronger. Also general resilience, ability to perform and quality of life can be improved. The key to success is in training on a regular basis. In whichever phase of life, at whatever age, important is to take the first step and to continue in the right direction

The training philosophy is based on years of therapeutic experience in various practices as well as experience working in professional sports. Based on the result of the initial consultation, an individual stretching program designed to optimize flexibility will be created. In the case of hypermobility, emphasis will be placed on stabilizing exercises. “Passive machines” will be completely avoided and functional training will be purposely employed throughout. Bodyweight Training, Pilates, Sling Training and barbell and dumbbell free weight training will be combined depending on initial fitness and end goals.


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